"How would you feel if I gave you a task you didn't like but made you do it anyway?"

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    ... like in any and every other job except one?
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    The correct answer is "bad".
    This is a trick question to check whether you are honest.
    Liars answer something like that they would still be happy to do it when it serves the project or other soft-skill-signalling bullshit.
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    You mean like work?
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    If hshe’s going to ‘make you do it’, why does hshe care how you feel anyway ?
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    @Oktokolo Thanks for the tip
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    Like I'm on the wrong side of a BDSM relationship.
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    @Oktokolo I don't know, it depends. I don't like frontend work, but if the frontend devs were off ill and it was a critical fix I could handle? Sure, I'm happy to do that as a one off. But just being handed a task I don't like because I don't like it is just a dick move (though that's not a phrase I'd use in the interview itself...!)
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