I got called for a meeting with a nice lady recruiter.
She goes about saying I'd be working for a top innovative firm in that part of the country.

I call out the name of that firm.

She goes yes, indeed. She thought I got excited for the presented opporunity.

I go "No way, you may keep this gig."

She goes: "But why?"

I tell her how they called my firm to present them with a possible open source solution for their problem only to take it and not involving us in the process. They do this a lot to others aswell when they run out of fresh ideas. Nobody who ever went there before on a meeting ever wants to meet with them again. This is not even the main reason for not wanting to go there.

Then she spills that only the recruiter who gets the cheapest labour gets paid.

I tell her to never call me again and leave.

From that point on I first interview the recruiter that calls me to see if I even want to hear about what they have to say.

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