damn i messed up big time.
it hasn't been half a year since my joining, and i have broken the company provided macbook :'(

I had that shit wrapped in hardcover, keys covered by a key guard and trackpad covered by a trackpad cover.the hardcover was of plastic and had been squeaking for sometime , as its plastic was withering off from the edges.

unknown to me, 1 small plastic piece got stuck in between the display and keyboard hinge and when i tried putting the lid down, it made a crack in screen 😭😭😭

i had always feared this with the company giving me laptop. i am stupid and break stuff. what should i do now? is the company going to fix it or should i get it fixed? should i inform someone?

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    One time, I spilled coffee over my bosses MacBook. The other time, I was one-handedly showing someone a graphic and let the MacBook fall 3 stories deep from the balcony.

    I was still in apprentice. They didn’t give a shit, the repair are just peanuts, just getting a new one maybe two peanuts.

    Shit happens, a company needs to calculate for these things, they are human - we are human.
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    @petergriffin thanks this gives me confidence. For better or worse, i guess am telling my tech lead about this. Hope this doesn't affect my paycheck, am getting my first raised salary next month
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    In my country we tape wire tape on the crack.
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    As long as it's still working, you're good to go
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    Had a coworker leave earbuds on the keyboard and shut the lid.......

    I bet you can guess who won't that fight.

    Company just swapped it over like nothing happened, if it's a decent (large) company they won't care.

    Small business though, that's an expensive peanut.
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    I dont see a problem really
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    The other issue is the screen it self, why is it so god damn dirty?!

    It should be legal and socially accepted to carry a whip and lash everybody who tries to "show me something" with their fatty fingers on my screens. Use a pen or something if you really need to point.
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    Yep, shouldn't be an issue at all. Unless you work for a shady company in india. Those tend to cut it off peoples paychecks from what I heard on YouTube (no real experience myself, Im not an indian)
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    @DBX12 until you get a touch screen. It honestly sucks sometimes
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    Wow, you really screwed up... by accepting a MacBook!

    Tell them the truth and they will probably just get it repaired or replaced.
    But you should also try to get a laptop running some Linux distribution for development...
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    @erasmuswill A touchscreen for a desk job is useless imho. The "way" from keyboard to mouse is too far for good ergonomics, why would I want to go even farther than that?

    And yes, it makes your screen ugly. Also people see a laptop and automatically think "that must be a touchscreen" and start pushing cheeto fingers on it.
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