A week after updating to Mac OS Big Sur and up til now it has fucked up:

- the entire JDK
- cmake
- OpenGL
- every IDE installed previously
- all LLVM stuff
- python installation
- OpenCV (HOW????)
- Haskell and cabal
- pip
- gradle
- nasm
- gcc
- bunch of UI libraries
- jupyter

What amazes me the most is that it manages to fuck each of them up in a different way. No overlap at all, and I had to manually fix every single one of them -.-

And please no "dOn'T BuY mAc" comments, it's a workplace requirement; I literally don't have a choice.

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    Go slap it into your managers face (or whoever made the requirement) and let him fix it for you.
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    Mac is a workspace requirement for you but is updating Mac also a part of requirement?
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    dOn't uPDatE mAc
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    Using a mac might be a workplace requirement, but working there is optional.
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    Eh, I have an update pending for a Windows 10 feature update. The only way to stop it is to say my connections are metered. The update adds like 2 or 3 things, none of which I want.

    I need a way to tell MS to fuck off.
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    "bbbut but macOS is stable unlike Linux".
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    Run a VM ?
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    How did you fix opencv? I’ve been pulling my hair out for a day on that one if you tell me how to fix it I will literally Venmo you a beer
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    Quality assurance is non-existent, but you'll pay extra for a closed hardware system.

    Because... Logic!
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