My job interview went like this:
Him: I see you say you like electronic music on your CV
Me: Indeed, I produce a bit of music. I have this controller for my DAW (showing my Launchpad).
Him: Oh yes I have the same! (Him, showing the exact same machine). I also use it to trigger vim macros (<3). Tell me about an artist you like
Me: I loved XXX (it's an obscure duo from Iceland, totally random)
Him: Oh wow I have their vinyl here. Actually, their new label is one of our customers.

Dream do come true lol.

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    And this is why it's so important to list interests on your CV, and get them in there if they ask you to talk about yourself for a bit. If you happen to gel with the interviewer through a similar interest, you dramatically increase your chances of being hired.
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    Socially acceptable interests!
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    @N00bPancakes we all know "electronic music" is a code for "drug-fueled all night parties" :D everything is in the phrasing.
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    What's the code for furries?

    Asking for a friend....
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    @N00bPancakes Forrest filled play date with tails? Lol
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    @ostream where are my drugs, comrade? 😠
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    @iiii Remember, no Russian.....*cocks gun* *pew pew pew pew pew*
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    I had a similar experience. I listed Beatboxing as my insterests on my CV. Long time ago, I was in interview and interviewer asked me about it and I did few beats. He liked it and left room to bring few colleagues and they asked me to show my skills. Again I did some beatboxing and another guy also started beatboxing. We end up having a little beatbox battle. It was fun af. I didn't get the job (they had understandable reason) but I don't regret anything.
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    @N00bPancakes hum "animal wellbeing"?
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    @AlmondSauce my interests include: hiking, games, bondage, cooking, and art.
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    @sariel Art is a bit controversial. Others should be ok.
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    Maybe I went for the wrong hobby of nuclear reactor design..
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    Hey sex dungeons needs software too you know
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    @Nanos FBI, open up
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    @N00bPancakes MyLittlePony obviously.
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    Plot twist: the recruiter was absolutely desperate and stalked you with so much dedication that they got the same pad as you and a vinyl of your favourite artist.
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    @eeee no recruiter, the dude made his interviews himself.

    To be honest it's me that took the time to call them for a follow up call after sending my CV (to introduce myself orally) and that's what got me the interview.
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    @AlmondSauce yes "in my spare time I update the graphics for visual novels to support modern resolutions with a target of 1080p 16:9 by painstakingly hand painting the 200 pixels each side to enable wide-screen without distortion. I even do the H-scenes."

    How do I turn that into job. Lol
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