Just got off the phone. I've been chatting with another Microsoft HQ representative that was kind enough to call and help me.
She asked if I got a computer.. then to please turn it on.
It booted up, I logged in and followed instructions. Win+R did nothing, so the boss came on to help out.
After trying to make me install teamviewer I told him "enough".
"What is the matter, sir?"
"We can stop now. I'm not letting you in. Besides, I'm a linux user."

"What is wrong with you? I am trying to help you for an hour and now you tell me you're a linux user? What is wrong with you?"
Me: Well you're the one trying to hack me, so...
Him: "Oh, shut up."

The end. 🀷‍♂️

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    AnyDesk is better anyways.
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    He had a point though
    Wtf is wrong with you ? lol
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    But be carefull though. They can put you on the "always call" list as petty revenge.
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    There are some streamers who do the same.

    They spend hours pretending to be dumb, buying the wrong gift cards for the scammer, telling them long rambling stories, and etc.
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    @N00bPancakes And there are a few who hack into the scammer's machines and syskey them or confiscate their files.
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    @Berkmann18 - Jim Browning. The guy's a legend.
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    @Angry Yeah, there's also Malcolm Merlyn (must watch) and his mate Deeveeaar (also brutal) and ScammerRevolts.
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    You are an Idiot. Worse case of idiot actually. You waste time of other people on purpose.

    Death penalty should apply.
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    "Do you own a computer, sir?"

    "I do."

    "Are you in front of your computer now, sir?"


    "Can you please turn on your computer. There is something I need to show you. You see, your computer has been hacked into, we can see it in our database. 500+ hackers are using it already, sir... bla bla bla"

    Shit was off, c'mon. I was curious about what bs comes next. So I booted into linux. πŸ™…
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    The good old linux love it😍
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