People are weird man.. I made a startup and posted some job openings on upwork. After posting on upwork, I have people contacting me via text message, calling me, emailing me on 4 of my emails. One guy even found my other job and tried to make some kind variant with my name and employer and cc'ed my support email.
I never post my phone number or personal emails anywhere. Crazy.

If I post a job on upwork, I only hire on upwork.

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    What's more, you'll see a lot of requests to contact in Telegram or alike. They really want to take advantage of you, because the use of conversation on freelance website as evidence in court has more provenance of the fraud, and with some external communication channel it's going to take more time to appeal.
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    People are definitely weird. I have to agree.
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    They feel it's a good way to stand out from others.
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    They're probably trying to jump the hoops that Upwork impose :/.
    I never used Upwork but I used (as a client and freelancer) a fairly similar platform where the platform limited people's ability to contact freelancers so clients usually resorted to external channels.
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