Fuck you devs who don't know what 100% means. It's not symbolic and it's not the beginning of something new it's the end of a fucking progress bar and as soon as it hits 100% either tell me what the fuck your doing for the next fifteen minutes or fucking make shit work

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    Are you 110%? 🤪
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    Protip: Never ever let the progress bar reach 100% before the task is actually fully done - including whatever tiny "cleanup" and "registration" stuff needs to be done after, for example, installing software.
    Let it get to 99%, then do all that negligible stuff and jump to 100% at displaying the complete message.
    Always round progress percentages down.
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    I always calculate my loading bars based on 8-bit math so that every loading bar has a max value of 256.

    So, I guess that means you might need to wait for 256% compete?
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    Yup. Sometimes progress bars are being used to indicate indefinite loading. They fill quickly in the beginning and are getting slower and slower afterwards. Never reaching 100%.
    This sucks. Because we already have a UI concept for indefinite loading: a spinner. I guess it‘s just some designer who finds it cool. I wouldn’t expect a dev to do such things.
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    @Lensflare I was once told to implement a fake progress bar that displays a function converging to 1 over time and when the task is complete it turns into a polynomial matched to both the current value and rate of change as well as some tuneable rate of change at the value of 1 within some short timeframe. The result is that the line slows down as it fills up, and then accelerates without jumping once the task is done.

    It was the most elaborate mathematical scam I've ever seen and it destroyed my trust in progress reports forever.
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    This rant wasn't satisfying enough. Who the fuck makes things take longer than 100% with no indication of what's happening?
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