[ATTENTION if you're an apple fan this rant could hurt your religion]
- I used a mc for about 12 hours, only to fix the ios version of an app in Xamarin, it was a nightmare:
- I took the only free mac available, it's the latest macbook pro with the "amazing" touch bar, mac os wash freshly reinstalled
- I switch it on, set it up and after few minutes the screen become black, I thought went in standby (the "amazing" touch bar still was working), I try to switch it on but nothing, I asked for help to mac users in office and they choose a genius solution: forced switch off and on
- Finally after took all the adapters I can start to work
- I notice that's not possible to snap 2 or more windows (without 3rd party apps)
- It's not possible to automatically enlarge the Window almost full screen without cover the bottom and top bar, there is only full screen option but it's not the best
- Inverted scroll by default, on mouse doesn't make sense (on trackpad and touch screen yes)
- Multimonitor sucks...and it doesn't recognize 2 monitors connected in chain
- It's not possible disable standby if you're on battery and you close the lid
- Too often I had to see that annoying rainbow progress also for stupid actions
- Like Windows it's not possible to install 2 software at same time
- Like Windows after some updates is required to reboot
- Finally I switched back to my lovely Dell XPS 15 with Windows 10, but I had to go back on the mac for one more fix, so I search again for the adaptor, I reconnect everything and mouse and keyboard doesn't work, after few minutes the mac reboot by himself and appear a crash report dialog...of course I send them a nice feedback
- At the end of the day, as the mac asked more than once, I install the updates... after about an hour, when we try to switch it on again, it doesn't... so once again forced switch off and on

if you want to use it for nice picture on Facebook or Instagram "just woks" ... but for serious work I'm so grateful to choose a Dell XPS 15 with Windows 10

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    Can relate this experience, esp UX horror, on my macbook air.

    Return that mac get the refund.
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    My experience of OSX is the hackintosh I use for xamarin iOS builds. The hackintosh in a VM requires careful handling so as not to break it
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    I use Ubuntu, Windows and osx at the same time. And I like all of them equally but hate none of them. OSX does have its flaws but Windows and Ubuntu too. Snapping more than 2 windows makes in most situations jo sense, especially on a laptop. Those monitors are way to small to see enough content. You may want to increase the rendering dimensions tho...
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    You didn't spell "all" correctly in your point about rebooting after an update. #kappa
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    Pay attention! Someone will arrive to say that it's just impossible. It happened just because you don't know "how to hold it".
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    M really surprised by this. I had been using Windows/Ubuntu my whole student life until I got a Mac when I joined my first company. As a dev, I have the highest appreciation for the stability in the Mac os. I never faced any issues during my last 2 years. Maybe my specs are too high to face these issues?
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    Well yeah the latest MBP is just a POS... there's been many problems with it but as far as your behavior complaints:

    You can maximize windows without going full screen by holding down option and the full screen icon is now a maximize icon, but personally I like the full screen feature because sometimes the toolbars can get distracting.

    There is a split screen feature in macOS. Some apps support this. When the first app is full screen, open mission control and drag the second window onto the first app's screen.

    And finally, the thing about macOS is there is an option to turn off inverted scrolling. I'm used to it and I wish it were an option in windows but I can't find it.

    Your other complaints about the software I agree with: the multi-monitor and the awake-while-lid-closed complaints. Your other problems are probably just the new 2016 MBP.
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    Even apt locks if run, so only one instance is running only. Sure, it can install multiple programs at once, but that's because it knows what packages want to do and detect conflicts before they would happen. Running another apt instance while another one is running blocks too.
    It's just impractical to install 2 programs at once, without the system knowing what's about to happen. You would need a serious file / registry locking party which only makes things way more complicated and still you could end up in a deadlock.
    Some things just shouldn't be changed :D
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    @Kimmax I agree, it's not a point against mac os, it's a point against some mac users that complain about this on Windows ;)
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    Most of the epxeriences you listed '&ve experienced too, so i feel you bro. I also got a brand new mac from work.

    However, about 2 weeks later of using it daily i was hooked, and you will too if you learn to use it productively to your needs.

    I'm no big in the "Linux vs Win vs Mac" wars because i know how to use all of them and i would choose to work on either on the base on my intention: "what do i want to achieve"
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