I was a contractor working for a large government agency. I was only on the project for about 2 weeks when the director called a meeting of all the involved personnel.

Little did I know, he called these once a month or so and they had a formula. He would pontificate for about 20 minutes, ask indirect questions of various project leads (for which he expected non confrontational answers), and then would pontificate for 20 minutes more before ending the meeting with nothing really accomplished.

Since I did not know this, I answered one of his questions with an honest question about defining requirements. He looked at me for a long moment, said, "I think that's all for now" and abruptly left the meeting.

All of the other contractors then congratulated me for ending the meeting by speaking out of turn. Then they let me in on the true purpose of these meetings: To let the director talk

I was asked to leave the project a week later.

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    There's a lot of folks who think leadership is making people sit and listen to their leadership and nothing else.
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    so basically it was a "who wants to get assfucked?" meeting and you owned it?
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