To this day, I'm convinced that CSS is a thing from hell. Just when I felt pretty confident in my skills, something happens that makes me question my skills, my life and very existence on quantum level throughout dimensions.

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    The standard procedure is to learn CSS and use UI libraries, basic CSS is really helpful when using them and you don't have to deal with every small CSS property.
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    Hey did you heard about our lord flexbox?

    Hey did you heard about our lord and saviour grid?

    Hey did you heard about our neo-lord and neo-saviour container queries?

    You never stop learning CSS, it is life long learning journey!
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    I was hoping things like flexbox/sass would ameliorate some of the issues I run into with CSS, but I just end up having to learn 3 things to get what I want instead of one and it's infuriating.

    I just want to fucking center the fucking inputs you fucking fuck!!!11
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    CSS is a way of life.
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    @devJs flex and grid have done great things, but sometimes css still does the weird stuff that makes absolutely no sense.
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    @angry-ak completely agree
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