1. Cypress is advertised as multi platform. It doesn't work on windows nor wsl.
2. My OEM doesn't give a shit about openness because they're a bunch of fucktards so neither ubuntu nor debian is booting
3. I need to do my fucking job. Guess I'll buy a mac so I can work with those silicon valley stupid assholes. Or just lose my job

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    🤔 Those of us successfully using Cypress on Windows on a daily basis
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    Someone hit "download cypress" and didn't see the "must have node package installed - npm install -g cypress" is the general reason.
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    @nibor it's not working in WSL. And i'm not coding directly in windows, i'm not retarded
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    @C0D4 again, I'm not retarded. The issue I have is the interface not running in the X server. And even in headless mode, i can't even run the damn tests because browser aren't connecting
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    @ostream so why the fuck did you say "it doesn't work in Windows"?
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    @ostream which WSL distro are you using?
    I'll install it myself and let you know.
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    @nibor because who the fuck codes on windows?
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    @C0D4 debian
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