I hate Jira so much.. I used it on my last workplace and later begun work in a company that does consulting, and of course the first project I was assigned to.. uses Jira. Goddamn it.

I can't understand how they can make it so complicated.. Or maybe it's the organizations? When I want to see what I can work on next I have to look up the backlog, which is at the bottom of multiple sprints. From there I see a list of user story titles, attached to epics and I have to click each one to read the description and see a label "Blocked" or "Requires refinement"... Takes me hours to shift through that shit! Project manager is basically MIA and I have to look at titles, labels, epic links and comments to figure out if I can work on a story, and then I have to split it across multiple tasks, because the story is titled as "as a user I want to read and browse articles from multiple different sources and categorize, filter, mark them as my favorites and...".

Tools like Trello, Clubhouse.io (by ignoring a ton of features) or just sticky notes on a whiteboard are much more efficient tools for workflows.

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    I haven’t had the "chance" to use Jira (yet). We use Azure Devops (Boards) and I find it very intuitive
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    I've worked on projects within different organisations using Jira and have had completely different experiences each time.

    If used correctly (ie exactly as intended and by *everyone* involved in the project) it's a great tool but it's a complete pain to try to figure out on your own (like with a project manager not knowing what they're doing).
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    @thehappyhipster Same for me.
    I also use Trello on the side and Jira has advantages over Trello (non-business plan), but it can be painful sometimes if colleagues mess up and have no clue how it works.
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    JIRA is fucking great and i’ll have a go at anyone who says otherwise!
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    Jira is a clunky overengineered piece of unperformant crap. It makes sense to have all this relations and functionalities in big mega corp but for the medium sized companies its just a buzzkill. I mean in addition to being fucking slow all the time with a billion buttons, inputs, labels and forms if a software dev struggles to get familiar with your software you are doing it wrong. The only ones who really know their way around it is management and product because they use it the whole fucking day.
    I use it for 9 months now and I still want poke my head through the monitor every second day because of it.
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    You are wrong about trello, specially if you consider there needs to be a board per epic when the project is big enough.

    Bottom line is: it is not the tool that is wrong, it is the process and implementation of the tool that is messed up.

    Ever tried to screw a screw with a hammer? That is what your jira implementation looks like.

    Also, trello is an Atlasian product, if you are using jira cloud you can just send your shit to a trello board now.

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    @fullstackchris jira is not great, it lacks basic Project Management functionality, a lot of projects use it as a kanban board and that is it, trello would be a better fit, hell even notion or Airtable.

    Lookup leantime.io that is a fucking great tool, open source too.

    Jira is a money machine with ok functionality and over engineered everything, like Salesforce.
    All real and good functionality comes with plugins that cost extra.

    But, it is not a piece of shit. Generally when people complain about tools is because they don't know how to use them.
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    I am using JIRA for quite some time now .. only things that bothers me most is .. y **jira** ? Can't they find a better name for such an overengineered piece ?
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