Anyone used github copilot? Thoughts?

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    I haven’t used it but I think it’s cool af. Without knowing much about either, which do u think has more of an impact on the programming world, GitHub copilot or GTP-3? In my opinion definitely GitHub copilot
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    Havent heard of Gtp3, but i think copilot will have limited reach. It will be great for beginners in new languages or framework. But microsoft wont let you toy with it outside of what theyll offer as a service.
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    I can write shit code myself, don't need a bot to do it for me 🙃
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    I've signed up, waiting to get my invite.

    Curious to see what it can do on its own, there is an open source alternative but it just pulls in StackOverflow answers.

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    Looks really cool, not going to replace us but will definitely be useful to save time on writing trivial stuff.
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    @neeno I second this
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