Hi there. I am a 2020 B.tech CS graduate from a 3rd tier college from India. I have always been an average student but took some interest in Android from my 2nd year of college, got some courses, build some apps, did some internships and just before my final year exams, bagged myself a decent pay Android dev job at an overseas startup. I was very content with my decisions since I did not had to start my career at some mass recruiter MNC like TCS or infosys paying peanuts to freshers . The pandemic also provided an advantage to work from home and not get exhausted commuting for 4 hours everyday while spending 10 hours in office.

However now I don't feel like I am growing. Here at the company,I get some tasks that are not much challenging but vital for product growth. Most of the times these are some big tasks so take me more that 10-12 hours each day to finish.

I feel like Android dev is something that is attached to my face and I can't be anything else. I wish to be a student again, do some more courses, check into web development, backend, data analytics, management and other stuff that are more promising and money providing future markets .

I know i can do this while doing a job too, but my current work is too exhausting and I am somewhat sure that I will have to leave my job to study either on my own or from a university to get somewhere

But at the same time I am afraid of a lot of situations:

First thing is choosing what to do : I am not sure. I want to do web dev, ai//ml, data analytics, or something completely different like management and finances. I just want to be in a good place in a future. I know decent python, some JS and am fascinated by statistics, databases and stuff

Second is what I can do : This is a big If. I not very good at maths or calculus and I suck at competitive coding or general DSA . I liked reading about various data structures tho and I would really like to learn about them but never got a time to understand them in general (or maybe I got enough time but i was too dumb to grasp them). I have also tried, at different points of time, to get into web development , but JS / web world is vast and seems to be ever growing and learning in depth about a whole framework will take 6-12 months of me, and who knows if i could still be a professional level individual after that

Third is how and from where I could do : I could do it on my own, like just leave my job, grab 2-3 udemy courses, finish them in a month, make projects and I am ready for the next jump. I could also join some institute which does the same or I could go for a masters degree . The first 2 options bring the concern regarding weather i have the focus and determination to do them , which i guess i don't , otherwise i wouldn't be a 70% guy. The last option brings the concerns that weather i should be joining a good 1st tier college or study abroad or again don't prepare much and join a 3rd tier college. but all these seems far fetched too

Finally The question is Should I Do it ? : Like as i said i am at a decent place. I liked working here as they gave me a good place to grow and even today my team mates are supportive and helpful in dividing work and solving problems when i could not. I even recently got a very small 10% increase on completing 6 months in the company, and there is another appraisal coming in December . The work i am doing is not very challenging to me in terms of android, but i sometimes get time in weekend or holidays to checkout best practises, read about android frameworks, components in deep . I sometimes have thoughts to even change jobs, but similar questions come in my mind

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    In my opinion, you don't quit jobs or pursue higher studies or learn online courses full time to explore other areas of Software Engineering

    If you want to grow, you have to put extra effort. Be it on workdays or weekend days. And it can be via any form. A bunch of courses/tutorials online and Books offline can help you learn and explore. And once you learn, put those learnings in to projects. Ask if you can work on additional projects on such areas you are interested to work in

    And most importantly, this is a very common problem with most developers. Lots of things to learn, a lot less time to spend on. You are pretty fresh (out of College). Don't stretch too much. It should happen naturally conducive to your Overall Development over the Time
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    @asgs thanks. i agree. However skills which are in demand in other companies are rarely required from a fresher in our company , so i am kinda stuck in terms of growth.
    for eg, i want to work on camera components ,api designing and product deployment. because they are cool stuff and often required in various jobs.
    But I won't work on those because Camera Components in our app are already stable and without any bugs, API designing is not my domain and i don't have the previous experience / expertise to gain company's trust. and Deployment is something so important that Tech lead won't let me do it on our product.
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