Become a farmer within a tight-knit community of some 100 people. Have a couple of cows, chickens, sheep, crops, fruit trees, ... Everybody takes care of each other and we're (mostly) self-sufficient.
Preferably with some good hiking areas and nice vistas nearby.

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    Like the Amish?
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    Make it better
    Use all indoor farming techniques with ventilation systems in place and solar lights in a high rise

    Farm more than you need sell to nearby towns

    Generate your own electricity using solar panels

    Farm indoors year round so you don’t fry in the sun

    Eat drink and be merry
    The rest of the baggage of society leave out of it

    Create manufacturing network specific to agriculture gradually

    Adopt metallurgical and casting procedures so the smallest factor of production necessary to continue agricultural operation is present inside the community


    Amish life is hard not enjoyable
    I know I’m from THE Amish state and see them
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    Maintain a system of trade and keep all your money in case you have to buy anything you can’t produce

    Live life the way it should be lived in a civilized society where everything you need can be produced through ease and technology

    Instead of the form of serfdom presently being practiced

    Put in place a Swiss style of military service to train everyone and all to augment security and be able to fight

    Arm everyone

    Remain vigilant of the outside world
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    Possibly push all money earned into precious metal stores instead of keeping fiat currency

    Or keep monetary stores in proportions

    Send a few people out on shifts to also work in the standard economy periodically to augment these stores and remind them of why life in host country sucks
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