day 1: alright this project is exciting, i'll build a special ambient playlist for it to get me in the right mindset and get my mood board ready

day 2: sweet! lots of shit done already, i can't believe how good this feels. at last something i'm happy to work on!

day 3: fuck the everloving shit out of your decaying asshole i can't believe you dickheads have been working on this engine for twenty cocksucking years and still your calculation of tangents is so goddamn fucked i can't get face normals to display properly without neutering the red channel.

day 4: fuck you, i'll default back to doing four hours tops and then getting drunk

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    i didn't start at day 0 because i needed somewhere to store metadata and shit
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    I like your step 4
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    It took me 2 weeks to reach your day 4, I feel like I'm slipping...

    Admittedly I didn't have your day 1...
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    I’m at step 4, but I work max 1 hour now. Fucking kill me
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    Got some beer. Cheers 🍻
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