Seriously what's wrong with recruiter nowadays.

Sending me a google calendar appointment without even telling me who are you, what's your intentions and my availability. Yet expect me to come simply by sending another email saying "will you come?"

Don't they teach a basic decency back in kindergarten ??

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    That's a new tactic, do t tell my locals about it.

    It's amazing how often I get a "someone viewed your profile" alert on LinkedIn then moments later get an email to my work account - I don't advertise that email address though 😒
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    you'd think that, but after having clients demand a 2 day notice for meetings. It's just the norm now.
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    @C0D4 I had some linkedin twat figure out work email and start sending me shit. Then I misspelled my last name and it eventually stopped. I finally got rid of my linkedin altogether. There was settings in there about them selling your contact info as well. Those were on when I went looking. They don't seem very upfront about privacy.
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    I had recruiters text me while in bed, waking me up for an exciting opportunity for a job that I’m totally not qualified for, but saying my background is AMAZING and that they are “excited” to call me to discuss the position of senior “framework i never touched” engineer in a city halfway or more across the country which I have no interest in moving to.
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    @TeachMeCode red flag everywhere.
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