So as usual by this point im looking trough some android device tree files. power_profile.xml HMMMMMMM.

I look inside and what dont i find. Battery capacity.

And i wondered for ages why the fuck the app i use for checking hardware capability (Dev Check. Really amazing app for Android ROM developer) reports like 600mAh lower then its supposed to be. I always thought its via the battery. Like we are in 2021. We really didnt yet figure out how big the freaking battery is automatically?

Yes it wont really cause any issues except battery remaining time will be inaccurate but still WTF.

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    You are wondering, but batteries don't have an straight line when it comes to the voltage my last notebook gad a battery voltage line that looked more than chaos. 90% capacity had less voltage than 80% but more than 50%
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    @stop Not what i was pointing at all. Android takes that into account already. The battery capacity is supposed to be the exact value of the battery otherwise you will get some small bugs as inaccurate remaining time of battery.
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