Wanted to share a devrant post to a non-dev friend. Sent URL link. His phone sends him to the app store to download devRant. Can we not?

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    Copy rant link and you can view it in browser.
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    @i1990jain try it now. If I go https://www.devrant.io/rants/452358 my android chrome browser opens the app. For him it opens the app store.
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    @Seudein now that's unusual for me if I copy paste the link in a browser it opens up the page with a play store link in the bottom.
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    I can't reproduce this and I'm not sure why it happen.

    Does your friend have the app installed?
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    The only place we redirect to the app stores is from the rant feed link since it's not available on mobile. The rant page should never redirect.
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    @dfox same here, I think he is apparently clicking on the app store link at the bottom of the page.
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