gov't: we *need* more programmers! If you like computers, go to our site and fill out this form!

*goes to site*
*site doesn't even load*


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    That's why they need more, you can only hire so many shitty ones statistically before you randomly stumble on a decent one.
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    @C0D4 how much do they pay? : ) i want this maybe ;D
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    @Angry-dev usually less then the private sector, and on 6-12 month contracts, no ones ever around long enough to actually drive the burning pile of shit anywhere but off the cliff.
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    Do people like what they work with ?
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    @C0D4 if there is little stress and you dont need lot of money, then might be good option. Plus easier to look good in the team when compared to other worse people
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    No joke, long as they pay me enough to help mum that's fine.

    But I'll take it a step further and say: I'd rather work hard at bettering public infrastructure as opposed to slaving away for some dumbass unicorn piece of shit.

    So, all in all, if there's job openings I'd be all for signing up...

    ... if only I could load this GODDAMN page!
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    they don't want people who arent willful slaves selling their ass, where have you been for the last few years ?

    they only want us when they need to have someone work to keep up appearances of create a new spot for one of their garbage pieces of shit.
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    meanwhile they use awful tech like sharepoint and lightswitch that makes any programmer want to kill themselves within a week.
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    but if you push and find a way to contact them, they'll interview you at least and give you a job working with sharepoint, or lightswitch or visual basic :) because noone cares about advancing in their career or using the correct tools.
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    @AvatarOfKaine could ask them part time work so that you have time for updateing your technologies, or ask for learning time during work or they give so little tasks that you have free time for learning anyway :)
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    @Angry-dev You can achieve that same thing practically anywhere. Finding multiple decently competent people in the same place is already challenging.

    At least at a standard employer there is less churn so you deal with the same incompetence, plus at least a little bit of product/feature ownership. People have the tiniest bit of vested interest in making their code work: if not out of pride, out of fear of being fired.

    If everyone except you routinely leaves, you will end up being the burned out wreck trying to maintain the rest of the tangled, flaming, i maintainable mess all by yourself. Everything will fall to you: all questions, all projects, all maintenance, all responsibility, all blame. No one else will care, even in the slightest. Except those looking for someone to blame.

    If you want to lose faith in humanity, this is how you do it.
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    @Root well, I'm already dead inside so let's goooo
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    When the site loads, it will be a link to a pdf of badly scanned paper forms.
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    Maybe they are testing you to see if you would care enough to fix it
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    @asgs wouldn't that be beautiful ? it would suggest a decent government that is dedicated to something other than a farse.

    but that is not the us gov.

    the us gov sucks.

    they layer everything to keeping everyone fighting and minding their own business otherwise keeping their head down and pretend to be grander than they are.

    truthfully you could find joy working for any part of the government in some sense, or a sense of purpose, even brotherhood, IF THEY WERE LIKE THAT. they aren't.
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    @asgs we wouldn't keep reliving the same mess even before we started literally reliving it if they gave a damn.
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    @AvatarOfKaine United States of bombing the shit out of your country.

    Or was it United States of sponsoring brutal military dictarships?

    Nah, it's United States of maintaining military bases in foreign soil

    Oh wait no, that's right: United States of billions of tax money in support for apartheid states overseas.

    Almawt li-Amrikkka, alright.
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    @inawhile All of it. And proud of it. America, Fuck Yeah! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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    @Root I can honestly say, that's exactly how I live right now, I'm currently driving the bus and maintaining it at the same time.


    @inawhile even if you're dead inside, you will still be crushed by the several magnitudes of responsibility and accountability at some point.

    If you've seen those "1 dev = entire IT team" memes, for some of us that's actually the truth.
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    @inawhile its mainly the United States of serving the interests of Sadistic Rich People and their Servant Class of equally Sadistic Pedophile Scum, and the United States of We Don't Give A Fuck About Our Own People or This Strange Idea Called The Greater Good.

    Also known as the United States of Prolonging War to Kill Our Own Troops and not to be confused with the United States of Actually Making Changes That Benefit Our Own Society.
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    And if you don't recognize that, which is the heart of the matter not the idiocy that happened in teh <=1970s but far more recently which did yes result from that generation's heartless, callous, ruthless, uncaring, and malicious tendencies, I just renamed what is happening now.

    Its also the United States of Hollowed Out Criminal Organization Controlled Court Systems Holding Leashes around People It Willfully Impovershed to Keep Them Out Of The Way.

    Fuck all the overseas bullshit, you people should bomb us !
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    @C0D4 that’s been me on several occasions. It’s never fun.
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    @Root I dont think finding competent people is challanging. As long as you pay good money, you can find. Challanging is when you dont pay good money. I have seen companies where they have competent people, not perferct but still good ones without big problem.
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    @Angry-dev My current employer pays very well and still hires crap. Then again they prefer “diversity” over every other qualification…

    And yet all of the execs are old white men. Not sure how they justify that one. 🀦🏻‍♀️
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    @Root I want to get to that companty then :D how are they not able to find I do not get. Then you are giving me hope that I can be that crap and earn good :D
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    @Angry-dev No you don’t πŸ˜…
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    @Root why I dont ? :)
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    @Angry-dev I have plenty of rants saved. The summary, though: terrible code, unreachable inner circle, can’t improve things without offending said circle, 7+ pointless meetings a week, many useless coworkers (some of whom backstab you in plain daylight), very far left politics shoved down your throat (as in: get protective gear, attend the riots, topple statues, and throw bricks at cops!), … .

    Honestly though, I’ve worked for worse. Just none as vocal about their violent politics.

    As for terrible code?
    I recently spent a week trying to add digit separators to numbers on a few screens. Turns out I missed one, so that’s tomorrow’s research project.

    And no, I am not exaggerating in the least about the riots/statues/bricks bit. Not even a little.
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    @Root why do you work there then if you do not like?

    Even with this shit you described - as long as there is no stress and you are not getting fired, then maybe it is ok. Relax, do what you can, if the output is not good becuase of coworkers - who cares.
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    @Angry-dev Did I mention the pay? :)

    It’s also completely remote, and it allowed me to move somewhere better and cheaper, and buy a house! I am absolutely looking to find another employer, though.
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    @Root you did no mention how much do you get I think. So you get good and working because of pay as I understand.
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    If I ever start a company it will be based on

    Patience: Rome wasn't built in a day, any good program either. (Also the only way to respect decent working hours), also if you want to be thorough your have to be patient

    Respect: you're working with humans: the most mighty creatures in Earth

    Love: is like gravity, you can't usually feel it, but it's three most important force in the universe.

    Humility: you don't know it all, you can't do it all, that's why we're working together

    That's all for the moment, I have the feeling that I need more foundational principles before starting something.

    I thought of quality. Already a consequence of love and patience.

    Accountability: also a consequence of love and respect
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    @galileopy but you might end up in bancrupt becuase of this :)
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    @Angry-dev I don't think so. Just think about it. Even monks make a living.
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    It’s an obvious rookie test. Just inspect DOM, find out about form submit endpoint and fields names, then just make request yourself with curl
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    @kiki there are sometimes things a little more complicated than that going on :P
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    @kiki oh wait i forgot what the post was about lol that was a joke :P
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