Okay, so we don't have a timesheet. It's just assumed that we are working unless stated otherwise and based on my experience, they don't micromanage either. It's also assumed that people don't necessarily code every day. That's pretty nice. I like the trust. So the company itself isn't boomer after all, just the presenters.

Maybe this is the norm to some of you people who live in civilized countries but all of the companies I worked with, local or multinational, require you to log your hours every day which is usally just you logging 8h per column every month because who the fuck would do that every day?

My previous company also had two timesheets, for local and client-side (different country). They also added another spreadsheet for you to put in the issues you worked on for the day and then another one that the leads fill up because why not? I stopped caring about the last two and no one complained, I guess the managers don't check them after all. Lol.

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    When I was contracting, yes. If I didn't log my hours I didn't get paid

    But, these days. I can "work" 2 minutes, 8 hours, or 12 hours each day. It's still the same paycheck at the end of the week

    I tend to balance it out myself, if I work overtime one day I'll finish early the next or skip Friday afternoon.

    Can't see myself ever accepting logging my hours or semi micromanaged again happily unless it was in a contracting position.
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    I hate timesheets. Complete waste of time, especially when you have to have a certain percentage of client chargeable work and account for any time that doesn’t make the company money. Don’t think I’d ever go back to that again.
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    @UnicornPoo Some of my previous companies were like that. We have different charge codes for everything (trainings, leaves, etc.) and there's trashtalking about people who are not chargeable or have less chargeable hours.

    The most recent companies were a little better although the timesheet still existed but then again, I'm now an internal employee in what used to be our client. I don't plan to go back either. Too much annoying garbage.
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    Yeah, I don't log anything 🤷‍♂️ If I deliver in time,I'm clear
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    @rutee07 Can you work for 12h tho?
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    We have to do them here, but it's just about billing to different projects internally. No-one checks or cares. I think it's just to give someone in accountancy who likes spreadsheets a bit too much some job somewhere.
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    @theKarlisK Yes, if you do overtimes. I don't. Saying I worked 8h per day is an overstatement.
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    At my current company i only log on projects, and it's only for charging customers and keeping track of investment in internal projects (something something tax deductible afaik).

    My old place was pretty mad though, logged internal meetings and lunch breaks and shit and it had to add up to your 37 hours.

    It's fine i guess - company's gotta make a living, but i wish it wasn't necessary.
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    No timesheets for me either. I’ve only recently started and I can’t quite believe that I won’t have to submit a timesheet.

    Everywhere else I’ve been have wanted them at least by project.

    My previous company wanted timesheets by task on user story. They claimed it would help them to accurately estimate upcoming work because they would know the average time taken for a story of X number of points.
    The irony was that they were the worst at project management I’ve ever seen and would often assign 4 points to all stories in the backlog because it was quicker than actually estimating
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    The hours and activities contained within this timesheet are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a madman would take them as fact.
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