I'm about to trashtalk another presentation. The guy looks like he's gay but in denial. He made dumb jokes just like the previous host but worse because he laughs at himself and calls the other HR's name for support.

Then he showed us a video about the company's origin and it has that mellow music people use as a background for their inspirational Youtube videos. You know that shit they do where they mix in comments from different people and it has this echoing effect like when some dude talks about Elon, "He worked X hours a week" then his mother's voice will come in and say, "Elon has always been a bright child with a small PP." The whole time, they're showing either some slow motion of people doing things or a sped up video of clouds. Shit like that. I'm sure there's one big automatic filter called "Cringe Effect".

Anyway, he talked about how the CEO started the company in debt and some conversation about him borrowing XX million dollars from a friend. KRRRINGE. The conversation was so candid, it was obviously made up or oversimplified to make him look like some genius. The attempt to make it inspirational was just out there. "Uh-huh, I didn't have money so I took a risk and borrowed millions from my friend. Now look at me, I'm so successful because I took the risk and I'm a fucking genius. If I can do it, so can you. Too bad you don't have rich friends though."

How many people hear stories like this and decide they can borrow a shit ton of money to start a business and then fail? I'm pretty sure those who actually rich billionaire status like this guy did are very few and yet we are fed these bullshit stories on a daily basis and instead of people just laughing at the satire that it is, they take it seriously and follow it.

Then the host talked about how the CEO is a simple man. Loooool, didn't he just bought a Tesla? But of course, how can you inspire if you don't make someone simple enough to be relatable. Im jUsT LyK U! At this point, I tuned out everything the guy was saying and just laughed my ass off this premium afternoon entertainment.

You can present the company history without the motivational garbage. It is impressive in all its growth and accomplishments. There's no need to add cringe. What really killed me was imagining Bill Burr reading the script, mocking it, and laughing like a psycho. That's how he lost most of his sponsors, by the way.

If (god forbid) I become a CEO or some billionaire, I hope no one makes a presentation like this about me. I will fire, report abuse, and yell in the comments.

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    "Corporate music: a genre that manages to thrive despite being both unpopular and ineffective"

    It just leaves me feeling vaguely (or not so vaguely) annoyed.
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    @RememberMe Ugh, kill it!
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    So you basically got a LinkedIn post as a presentation. Can I come and work there? I’m bored of doing actual work and I have nothing to take the piss out of.
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    @UnicornPoo Join us so I have someone to talk shit with. It's super fun!
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    @RememberMe same for corporate art style 😄
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    Everyone who makes a presentation like this should be forced to take a degree in statistics first so they understand the concept of survivorship bias.

    Even so though, I don't get it. Everyone I know cringes at these awful videos, but it's like entitled CEO's are a different breed who look at them and go "oooohhh me likey, me want one" then boast about it in their ignorance. I literally know of no-one else who thinks they're anything but laughable.
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    @AlmondSauce True. Even the six figures salary is depressing a lot of people here. In some forums, so many people are trying to get into software development thinking they would automatically get six figures at some point. It's just not achievable in some fields then you get a bunch of other developers who are in the field for decades and are no way near that.
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