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    Nightmare might begin when everyone was gangsta with easy approvals and then "suddenly" the server on production started spitting out nonsense.
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    Why are you against them?
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    This made me laugh out loud for real.

    @alexbrooklyn Why are you wearing a tank top? Too hot in the closet? Let me turn the AC on.
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    @rutee07 tuxedo is in the washing machine, but thank you
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    @alexbrooklyn Code reviews without process are worthless. And we don't have the process.
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    Code reviews are worthwhile when the people doing the reviews are good at the language, understand the requirements, understand the environment(s) and understand the standards.

    That being said, having a group of junior coders who joined the team 3 weeks ago reading the code of the guy who created the framework, wrote the standards and has been coding for 7+ years is kind of like having a chimpanzee correct your grammar.
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