!rant: I could rant about politics and ecology, but I will rather go out on the street to join developers for future later today! It's possible to work AND campaign on the same day, but it's impossible to save humanity without changing anything.

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    Right? Go outside and burn a car today.

    1 car burning is a pollution.

    10000 cars burning is the solution.
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    Don’t think there’s a way to save our society, honestly. Just look at games adding nfts into the dlcs cause it’s the new hot word.

    1 bad decision -> 10k dlc bought -> about ~41 years of a household pollution every time a dlc is out.

    Unless we change our economical system and avoid bad managers and bad companies from taking bs actions it’s over already.

    I know I sound grim, but math and disillusion make a power couple.
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