First day of uni. Quit my job as a developer to become a computer science student.

So many people told me that makes no sense and they're right financially. But I want to.

One day down, 7 more years to go. Old man's learning again.

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    I get it. I did a physics degree, knew enough to know I wasn't a great engineer, but that's what I wanted to do. So did a masters. It's more about the breadth of what you learn. On the job, you're trained to do "your job" and not much more.

    Good luck!
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    7 more years?! What Course?

    All the best :-)
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    And with that attitude you will succeed! Keep it up ☺️
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    waste of money..... well i guess depends where you went to.
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    @asgs it's just CS, but I plan to go from nothing to PhD. Childhood dream and so.
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    @TheCommoner282 If I may ask, how old are you? Approximate answer is enough to be less intrusive. :)

    Good luck. :)
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    Thinking about doing the same. Good luck to you for having the courage to do it!
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    @TheCommoner282 went back to school at 27.never finished. Am now a senior software engineer. I'm 35 and have been programming since I was 12 (only professionally since like 2013)
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    @TheCommoner282 So... How goes chatting up freshers? I mean, not that I think that'd have anything to do with your decision... Man, I miss uni...
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    @TheCommoner282 same here. Not necessarily a childhood dream so much as a recent one, but Im also shooting for my PhD despite years experience in the industry already. I just like the idea of the wealth of knowledge that comes with that experience.
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    I thought you are in 20s, but I applaud your decisiveness for that big undertake. :) Good luck man! :) I hope this will be one good inspirational story.

    Problem is that I'm under the impression that you are too old for master/PhD after 30.
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    @ed-dev-edu Never heard of any age limit for PHD or master. Lucky me, I do not need scholarships. And if you mean because I don't fit in, well that's true for bachelor as well.
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    I meant more in sense that in that age (range), people have some difficulties to dedicate themselves for education like:

    - less time, and how to organize themselves with other obligations (family or work),

    - how to fit in new enthronement for example age-wise,

    - possible financial strain,

    - "older brain" - learning something may take more time.

    I don-t want to discourage you :) , but these are some things that come up to my mind when I think about education in 30s (or later).
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    All compelling arguments. If I mange to spite them, I'll give you a shout-out in 7 years :)
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    :) Good luck.

    I hope that I will be in position one day to take on similar journey in terms of education.
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    Kudos man.

    I'm considering going back to college too and doing a Master's.

    Knowing that you're going for a PhD at 33 is inspiring. Can I know what you will research on, out of curiosity? You don't have to share if you don't want to.
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    @anux I am far too far away from that point to know that. But I am sure I will be ranting about that when the time comes. I'll be close to 40 by then
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