Never understood people's fixation about my gender on this site. When I first had a female avatar, it was "Oh you're just pretending to be female for attention. Pretty sure you're a dude." Then I got a male avatar, "You have no real dick. Shame." Jesus Christ, it's just an avatar. I don't even give a fuck what you want to be, I have my own life.

I get this shit from the most mentally unstable people here who have trouble transitioning to another gender themselves and are not using the same avatar of whatever fucking genitals they were born with. They get upset for not being accepted, complain about discrimination, and some even show signs of pedophilia but they judge all the same.

Let me make this clear. I'm here to post shit and rant. Whatever crotch I have is none of your business because I will never fuck you and you will never have to look at it. This obsession makes me think how sad developers really are. You'd think that working in the tech field and being on the internet a lot, you'd stop believing and giving a shit about someone's avatar.

But whatever, man. Here's a few minutes of my day. I have shit to do.

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    😪 well, it was a fine crotch while it lasted. I'm going to have to call my home boy @Floydimus from now on.

    But seriously, who gives a fuck. It's a picture.
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    @C0D4 Users who post weird shit have been increasing and those are the ones who care too much, it's creepy.
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    I saw that comment too and wondered if it should be considered bullying
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    Before anyone says "You can't please everyone." It's not about that. I've been downvoted and called out a few times on this site, it never bothered me. The fixation is just sad.
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    @electrineer I'm not sure either. Maybe it's a joke but I've received enough of it from other users as well.
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    @electrineer 👀 I feel like I missed something important on devRant...

    @rutee07 you can't, and you shouldn't. Someone's going to get pissed off no matter what.
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    @electrineer ah, it's one of those weeks again.

    @rutee07 don't stress, we've all had some fixation before.
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    Yeah a few really pathetic bunch here, who will whine to get their way. Just be persistent and enjoy trolling them.
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    It saddens me sometimes to be part of the dev community because of how childish some people in it can be. Sorry that shit happened not everyone here is a massive wanker
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    LEL, used to get shit like this IRL. I'm not trans btw, but my last name is Paula and people get confused.

    First instance ever: my birth certificate says I'm a female, because of course people who do paperwork can't read. So *legally*, I was a woman for eighteen years.

    Now first instance I actually remember: I was like five and going to camp, the guys in charge mistook me for a girl so for about a week I lived among the gals.

    In school: every other teacher thought I was absent from class because they looked at my name on a list and didn't see any girl in the classroom...

    One time, pretty lady is flirting with me at the club and stuffs. But then she looks at me and says "wait... you're a boy?!!!"

    And that is the story of why I keep the moustache <;

    I don't remember what my point here was, but hey, I've gotten many sex changes in Runescape. Might as well get one in DevRant *just* to piss off some people.
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    I like you regardless of your body Rutee

    Can I have some food now?
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    Weird, nobody asked me yet about the parrot on my shoulder.

    Why do people even give a shit, it's just an online avatar.
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    I don't care.

    You're a fine buddy, I like you.

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    Tell us who they are. I am not above methodically downvoting their every rant and comment :)
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    rutee we love you regardless if you have a cock or a kitty or both!
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    And no one asks me about my exposed giant white pussy 😐

    But to the point: I find it remarkable how many people in the LGBTQ/etc community are absolutely obsessed with "precise classification".

    Definitely not everyone.

    But there's a large, almost militant group who fight for recognition of (only) the category they feel affinity with, and then elbow everyone else in the face.

    They either must find out which part of the flag is theirs, or start a yelling campaign until lavender-beige is added to the rainbow, and then they start calling everyone else a bigot.

    These days you apparently aren't allowed to be "slightly bicurious", or "mostly cis/straight with a queer sprinkle of genderfluidity".

    You aren't allowed to roleplay anything but your "real" gender/sex just for fun, how could you make your D&D half-elf Cleric a lesbian! How dare you appropriate! How dare you pretend to be part of a suffering minority!


    Humans are exhausting.
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    Discrimination breeds discrimination....

    ... and yes, it has become an absolute shitshow, to the point it ridicules itself.
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    You're all gonna make me cry with the nice comments, my bung hole is starting to sweat. :')
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    @rutee07 need some ginger? XD
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    @IntrusionCM And some chilli flakes, please. Thank you.
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    @rutee07 *adds some chili flakes and tiger balm red* *hrhrhrhrhr*
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    @rutee07 unless you are a thicc alien with tiddies, pussy, and a dick, I am not interested in any gender related stuff here.

    @C0D4 aye! What do we do now?!
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    @NickyBones you will lose your downvote capability if you give a couple downvotes too fast. And you will never get it back.
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    "I will never fuck you" clearly proves you're female.

    If you were a male, firstly, no female would want it (or as they'll say)...
    Secondly, you'd have said, "I'd never fuck you (unless you're a female)"

    Not that I care.
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    @BugsBuggy nope, it doesn't
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    @electrineer ok, then I'll downvote them slow and steady :D
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    @NickyBones You're dedicated. 😂
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    @NickyBones @rutee07

    Friend to me: You cannot remember where you put your keys, what you had for breakfast and sometimes you even forget to eat - but that I once forgot your coffee for breakfast will haunt me for the rest of my life, yes?

    Small things matter. :)
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    Sometimes gender does come into rants, which is totally fair enough. If a female dev on this site wants to essentially disclose their gender to rant about male members of the team being creeps for example, they should absolutely feel free to do that. I think there was a similar thread yesterday.

    Otherwise though, I've always seen it as super creepy when people have hinted, asked or otherwise tried to work out someone's gender here, then got all offended if they feel they've been "misled". Seen it a couple of times. I mean, what can it possibly matter?! I'm here to read and rant about dumb dev problems, and gender really doesn't factor into that, with a few exceptions as above. (I mean, in your case if I *really* wanted to know what gender you were I'd just PM you and ask - but I really don't see why I need to know.)

    I probably do need to start using a more gender neutral greeting than "hey man" though... don't even think about it, but that's got me in a weird situation sometimes...
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    Being angry for being "misled" is in my opinion full retard...

    I don't think we should change our way of speaking at all. I always found it contradicting when people try to preach about being tolerant while at the same time their explanations and demands were intolerant. *shrugs*
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    I would never have expected you caring about what other people say about your gender or the gender of your avatar.

    For the statistics: I had the impression, that you are a gay man who also has a kink fetish.
    I liked the perceived openness about sex-related topics.
    Whether you have tentacles or not will not change this perception of mine.

    But do you have tentacles?
    And if yes: Are you a porn actor or want to become one?
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    No girls here I think. All boys be default 😅
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    I'm reminded of folk I've known online for over 25 years now, and I still don't know what gender they are !

    If it hasn't come up in conversation, its an unknown.

    Or age, or location.

    Sometimes its odd when you think you've been chatting to a middle aged fat balding plumber for 20 years and then find out they are nothing like that !

    Or the other way around. :-)

    One person I know lives in a treehouse.
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    Maybe folk are interested because they want to date you ?

    Since no one wants to date me, no one asks any further questions !

    So, what is your secret :-)

    I mean, for being attractive.
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    @Nanos The secret is the MIB sunglasses. 10/10.
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    @NickyBones Reminds me when I went on a date with a woman with fat eyes. :-)

    She wore sunglasses all the time.

    Then half way through the date was telling me about this medical condition that caused her eyes to swell up, so I said "Oh you have fat eyes then" she couldn't stop laughing about that for ages. :-)

    Actually I think she first started wearing them because I said I wouldn't date someone with her eye colour, since it reminded me of my ex.
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    @IntrusionCM I've seen that at least once on this site, a good while back now when someone with a female avatar linked to their GitHub, and a couple of people in particular got offended that the photo was clearly of a man. But yeah, it's about as dumb as you can get. This ain't a dating site, and anyone treating it like one is moronic.
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    I'm also reminded of the time I dated someone who was a drug user, even though it said in my dating profile "No drug users !".

    Can't people read..

    Anyhow, she eventually found someone better than me, so that ended fine.

    ( They had a car, I didn't.. )
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    @Nanos In case anyone was wondering, it was an experiment to see if I could pretend to be someone I wasn't and if anyone noticed.

    It reached the stage that she wanted me to move in with her, and I declined, shortly after that, she met someone she liked more than me.

    So if I had moved in, it wouldn't have lasted long !

    Which has often been my previous experience..

    I'm reminded of a friend of mine who moved many miles to be with the person who loved them, only to dump them after they moved and now they are all alone with no local friends. ( And being wheelchair bound, not likely to make many either. :-( )
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    @AlmondSauce But I think all online communication systems, was dating sites !

    I've met, dated, moved in with/etc. people I've met on sites just like this !

    Why would this site be any different ?
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    @rutee07 random, there's a parallel discussion about discrimination that's fairly wholesome, so far talked about gender, disability and Johnny Depp.

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    @Nanos Not sure if sarcastic? But this site seems deliberately designed to feel kinda impersonal, which I like. It's good to remain anonymous when venting about your co-workers for obvious reasons. No real photos, no real names, no PMs, etc.

    That really makes it rather different from the other sorts of online communities imho. I know some people local to each other have met up in the past, but that's about it.
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    @AlmondSauce I've not read the entire thread, but I agree with the premise of the site. If we can't be anonymous, we can't be honest. I've shared some stuff on here lately. I think that the "it might be a dating type interaction" detracts from social interactions in general. That should be second. Being nice should be first.
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    @atheist Yeah, precisely. I've never even vaguely thought this site would be used for dating. It's built around anonymity, not intimacy. Granted there's a few users on here I respect in particular and follow their rants as a result, but that's based on their content - they could be a Buddhist monk or a Tibetan mountain singer for all I care, that's completely irrelevant to my interactions 🤷‍♂️
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    @rutee07 I already liked your spicy rants back then with your previous avatar. :)
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    It could be worse. You could be a spanish guy with a black avatar who could be cancelled at any moment and be forced to live in the woods wiping with pinecones and surviving on moonshine and 1940s army rations that have gone off, while talking to a volleyball named wilson as your only companion in life, friendship, and love all while being hunted by transexual terminators who's steel bodies are emblazoned in LGBTQ colors like ammosexual ar15s, blaring "health" by blue Monday while they use search lights to find you.

    Remember to shout "wolverines!" As the woketerminators machine gun your body with dildo shaped futuristic weaponry!
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    @Wisecrack share your moonshine recipe? I might need it soon, the way the world is going.
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    @AlmondSauce I think in some ways, the anonymity goes the other way too, I have almost zero recognition of names (@jAsE-cAsE and dfox/trogus are probably some of the few exceptions). I'm good with faces, but because of the generic avatars, that doesn't help.
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    @atheist Yeah, all you hyoo-mäns look the same to me !
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    I'm reminded of:


    > Camp Espheni | Falling Skies | TNT
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    @Nanos as far as tv shows go it had reasonable production value. Was kinda campy though.

    And the one old armyguy I couldnt figure out what the fuck his accent was supposed to be about. In fairness I'm pretty sure he didnt know either.

    Somewhere between southern, and ebonics, like an out of place creole incredibly confused and mixed up.

    I laughed every time he said "dat" instead of "that" in his old man voice.

    Other than "dat" it was enjoyable, even the later seasons, despite what some people may say.

    Had red dawn vibes watching it.

    Unfortunately falling skies had a serious lack of people shouting "wolverines!" or Austrians on steroids, and for those reasons I have to rate it as unwatchable.
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