Some managers really just walk around with as little backbone as they can even if it means allowing the company to exploit the people under them by giving them the shittiest tools.

A few months ago, I was issued a Macbook Pro. It was brand new. I opened it maybe once and never used it again. Since I quit over a month ago, I surrendered the laptop to that company's IT in good condition. One of our testers asked if he can have it so we talked to the manager about the transfer. As discussed, I will surrender the laptop to IT for them to check and other bullshit then my colleague will pick it up.

Pickup day comes. He was so excited. He woke up early and drove a few hours to the office during a fucking typhoon and they gave him the ugliest laptop I've ever seen in my entire life. The screen looks like it was bukkake'd for decades and instead of wiping it clean, they just let it dry up. Then they buried it with the first owner's corpse where he released all his death liquid and gasses into it.

He literally cannot see shit because of these weird foggy marks all over the screen. The charger looks like it was dragged and chewed up by rabid dogs. The cable is brown and open in all places and there's a weird smear that looks like feces. They jammed this Jurassic trash into a Macbook Pro box that is equally dirty.

Before he showed it to us, he said, "The screen looks like my magazine when I was a kid." I asked, "Bold? (porn)" After I saw it, the mental image was a lot worse.

We later confirmed that it was not my previous laptop. He asked the manager and he said, "Sorry, it was swapped. Rutee's laptop was assigned to this other guy but don't worry, that one is working." Are you fucking kidding me? I'll make this chewed up charger your anal beads. See if you don't get tetanus from this crap. It looked so fucked up, we joked that if he plugged it in, it will cause a blackout in the entire city. We were all pissed off for him while at the same time laughing at this ridiculous junk and thinking of cartoonish ways it could explode or just die the first time he uses it. The nerve to issue garbage like this to an employee. Imagine if he broke this dying device and they asked him to pay for it? Like how much? For the same price of a brand new one. How about $1?

He asked the IT department and they said it was actually the manager who swapped the laptop and gave it to someone else. Talk about a fucking liar. We urged him to fight them and voila, he got a new one in perfect condition. They can issue a perfectly good device but they just give you garbage and see if you will accept it. If you saw it, that thing should have been decommissioned a long time ago.

Fuck that company and manager in particular.

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    Sadly in many places, seems like management skills are measured by the person’s ability to treat people like absolute shit and have no qualms about it
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    Manager’s thoughts:

    If he accepts it, we’ll save a few thousand bucks.
    If he doesn’t, I can just apologize and pretend like someone has swapped it.
    Win-Win. I’m awesome!
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    I hate managers with this attitude. The whole point of managing people, in my book at least, is to fight for the best possible stuff for them so they can do the best possible job, then you present what they've done in the best possible light. Otherwise what the hell are you there for? To boss someone around and stroke your ego?

    If you don't have the spine to at least say "IT have fobbed you off with a complete PoS, leave it to me and I'll get it fixed", then what the hell is the point. He sounds like the kind of guy who'd hire a graphic designer then try presenting them with MS Paint when they asked for Photoshop.
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    They have shit tons of money if they can pay twice for employees. One wage for person and one for crap hardware that is waste of time.
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    @AlmondSauce He's the most hated manager there. I don't remember having any particular bad experience with him but I remember the first week I was hired, one of the seniors warned me about him. Of course, that senior turned out to also be an asshole so I didn't really care. But I worked with this tester before, he's not a dick and he does a very good job. That and after seeing what they gave him, I'm convinced that the manager is just awful.
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