why is my vision so blurry, i cant see anything
blurry isnt the right word but i cant think of the right word
shifty maybe idk
but i cant see anything and im getting a headache trying to focus my eyes

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    The most common cause is lack of light, and the most common cause for that is that the US Air Force switches the sun off once per day.
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    You probably need spectacles or lenses.
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    When I get stressed, my neck muscles stiffen up triggering my cervicogenic headaches.

    Those headaches cause blurry vision.

    While I am not a physiotherapist or a doctor, I'd recommend you to speak to one and get it diagnosed.
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    im starting to think its a migraine :(
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    you're drunk. Time to uber home.
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    ended up going home sick, i feel like shit
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    @RememberMe but she has glasses
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    @electrineer so do I and I can see right through them when tired enough.

    Pun intended.

    But as in they have no affect some times.

    @nerd-chan time for a new optometrist?
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    If fit is worse in the morning it may be diabetes.
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    uhh you should go to the doctor??? it could be anything from lack of sleep to blood pressure
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