the new job is coming up with utter shittyness and I don't care if that's even a word

- tomorrow is my LWD in current job. next week, i will be doing work for a company whose sdk my current company's code uses, with which i interact on daily basis. today a bug came in most trivial usecase of that sdk, and i was totally lost. i had 0 fucking clues regarding why that happened, and this is the company that am about to work with, from consumer to being a developer :/

- today my dad had a heated argument with his boss and maybe about to lose their job. at the very delightful time, when the only other source of income for the family , i.e me , is on a thin thread from the finances point of view.

- my relatives came yesterday. we are a small family of 3 (+2 cats out of which 1 is physically handicapped) with a very busy life and a very tiny house. and when suddenly 6 more fat asses squeezed themselves in, one of my cat got scared and ran to the terrace. its more than 24 hours since that fiasco, and my poor boy hasn't returned :"""( . He is a baby kitten, just 11 months old

my mood is now below the deepest points in sea level. hope y'all are doing good

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    Keep us updated.
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    Hopefully everything will be fine and you'll get your baby back
    We are here for you and do update us on things if you feel like it
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    What SDK is that?
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