going back to my personal windows laptop till the time new company provides me a new mac, i gotta say i missed this. I don't know, but i think i can never be a extreme mac os or linux fan as much as i like windows (even though my next personal laptop is also going to be a macbook for sure)

mac has the best performance out there when running emulators or heavy intellij ides, but the user experience in windows is 💋💋

i missed how my cursor ran like a tiger on arrow keys press, the ability to create files on right click, having multiple hard drives and organising my files/folders there, being able to control program locations... all these stuff is cool to me. when i was using ubuntu , i could surely do all these stuff too, but it still felt a little unpolished.

i know am about to get roasted in the comment section. so let's begin 😂

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    Ok, but there are more options than these 3. Heard of Mint?
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    With a nice, thokky external mech, MacOS is a delight to use, imo. But with any built-in MacBook keyboard, I find it frustrating and unsatisfying. On any MacOS and Linux, I do the vast majority of my file operations in a terminal emulator. They both have lots of high-quality graphical file managers available, but for my comfort, there's just nothing better than the command line.
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    But but mac os is the best, just works /s
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