why is my charger so loose

my phone is dead because my charger is charging slow
its really loose in the port and it falls out sometimes
a lot of the time it doesnt even work when its laying flat
my phone died while it was charging, which is a first

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    You can try cleaning it with air, cans of pressurized air for cleaning electronics are cheap on Amazon. It's a temporary solution, but it may win you a month and this kind of stuff is always useful to have around. Do NOT blow into the port with your mouth, it'll just corrode the whole thing. You can also try scraping dirt out with a needle, but it damages the port so you should start with pressurized air. When these fail (they will), you probably need to have the board replaced, in most phones the charging port is on a separate pcb so it's not like getting a new phone but still pretty expensive.
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    Replace the cable. Sometimes cables can become loose (micro USB)
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    Sounds like the phone needs to train their pelvic floor muscles to be able to keep the charger in.
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    Clean the port in your phone. Especially USB-C tends to have this issue. Not sure if pressurized air will work, I used a hobby knife very carefully around the little part with connections on it in the middle. Everything around the perimeter is just metal/plastic
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    I had a similar issue with my old phone. Cable wouldn't properly connect unless I held it in place at the perfect angle. I used an inductive charger to charge it for a year or so before I finally got a new phone.
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    For some models it's easy and cheap to change the charging jack if changing the cable or cleaning the jack doesn't help.
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    Pocket fluff in your port.
    Used to fix mine by poking it out with a wooden tooth pick, probably not the safest way to so it
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    @TrevorTheRat that's actually good because it's non-conductive. You still need to be a bit careful though.
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    Tape your phone's port with your cable. The way that it must look beautiful as well as tape the remaining wire behind your phone
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