You know when you want to log into something and your authenticator battery is flat..

No problem, just follow the online instructions about how to get it removed, except you get an error when trying that route..

Maybe we can put in another battery, since the banking ones you can just unscrew the back and pop in the new batteries..

How hard can it be..

Tinkertubes Lab [33] Destructive battery change of blizzard WOW authenticator "batt 00"

Well, I found out if I wait like forever, mine does spring to life eventually..

Just long enough to log in and remove it right !

Well, just long enough to login, and repeatedly get asked to use it, before I can remove it..

Luckily in my case, the battery did last long enough to do that, but it wasn't just a one time thing !

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    Any 2FA that doesn't allow you to set up at the very least two different devices and a file-based backup harms more than it helps, and it actually degrades security because it forces the provider to offer automated ways to bypass and remove the 2FA agent in order to maintain uninterrupted service.
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    Obviously, the file-based backup should expire after a month or so, which would make it infeasible to salvage it off of an old HDD for example.
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