So, I have been a dev for a bit, around 8 years. Primarily focusing on PHP,, with a couple of years under my belt doing C#.

I had a look at golang recently and want to delve deeper in to it, as the little I looked at, was pretty fun.

Is golang worth picking up? Do you have any specific resources for me to checkout? & would it be impossible for me to make a career switch if i got that invested?

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    If you have the time to become articulate in any language, do it.

    I'm seeing a upswing in demand for Go in engineering and IT Management fields.

    As they might say, "Go" for it.
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    Depends on local factor. Any jobs for golang open for you?
    Go is pretty good, and forces you to use a specific style - but no support for generics (coming in 1.18) will make swithings from c# harder.
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    @magicMirror To be honest I haven't looked too much in to jobs around go too much.

    I just really enjoyed the bit of Go I have done.

    I'm going to invest some time in to it & see how I feel about it in a few :)
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    I'd take Go over Node.

    But my path led me astray into the abyss of bullshit that is node.

    How I wish I could roll back time a bit and change the stack of a single project that paved the way.
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    here's some feedback posted just before your rant: https://devrant.com/rants/4954287/...
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