I like Microsoft Edge. Microsoft finally managed to create a decent PDF reader.

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    edge is really nice for epub too
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    You do know, that Microsoft Edge is the result of Microsoft finally rejecting to develop their own browser engine (which had internet explorer) ?

    It is using same engine as.... Google Chrome now. Badum tss.

    So highly likely even for that we can thank Google and their open source community around Chroimium for their awesome (but regretfully becoming monopolystic) web engine Blink
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    Nice UI btw
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    @darksideofyay wait what?

    Are they still supporting epubs? Last I remember they stopped it for Edge.

    I have some serious trust issues with MS products apart from Office.
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    Last time I checked, toggling checkboxes in pdfs wasn't supported. I prefer Mozilla's PDF reader.
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    Okular is a good PDF reader in the Microsoft Store.
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    That is all I use Edge for as well :)
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