after switching job, i have found one particular way of diving into new company's code to be very effective : understanding it as a product first

as a dev i would go straight into the manifest ,yml or gradle files when joining a new company to get the understanding of the codebase as early as possible, and that was my mistake.

say , if the company's product is a food selling app that uses 5 modes of authentication : email, google, fb, mobile and sso, how can i understand the authentication code when I haven't interacted with each of them as a user? I won't know of any further screens, any further logics, steps etc that someone would do as a user , and it would be more effort to understand code without knowing of the outcome first

imho backtracking is a very good way of understanding a system. checkout the outcome first, code later

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    Related to "weeks of coding will save you hours (!) of planning."
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