Have you ever worked on a C/C++ project ? And what was it about. I want to do it. Give me details and I will get it done

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    You fail even at basic logic. People who have already worked on a C/C++ project don't need you to get it done because they already have it done, obviously without you. Let's just be honest, you haven't done anything beyond hello world.
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    I want to know what it is that they worked on. Just because they've worked on a project doesn't mean no one can work on a similar one dude.
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    What "details" do you even want to "get it done"? Sounds 99% like cliché INdiot logic.
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    Sigh. Just tell me what you have used your C/C++ knowledge to work on that's all. How's this a problem?
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    @Hash-Dren my MSc research was all in C++. Grab any research in optimization algorithms that seem interesting and try to replicate their results, it will teach you some great things and result in some scientifically relevant review work!
    Just remember to link to the original paper on your blog post about it.
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    @JsonBoa thanks, I will try that out for sure
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    Learning a language is not difficult but how to use that to create cool projects is what seems to be difficult.
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    @Hash-Dren Yes, but asking for projects in C/C++ will not help.
    You can also learn that in Python or java.
    Once you know the project, and know the logic, pick a language you like.
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    If you’re interested in a fun challenge then take a look at Huffman coding. It’s a compression algorithm with lots of juicy ways to implement it. Give it a go with C++.
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