Last friday, I got a call from an inhouse recruiter that represents a company which makes applications for Koenigsegg (hyper car manufacturer) and it seems like a really cool job. A bit surprised that they called me actually.

I do love my current job though, what do I do?

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    really...? asking complete strangers to make decisions for YOU, asking what YOU should do with YOUR life...?

    I think this is obvious.

    if (CAN && (you.WANT|you.NEED)) {
    } else {
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    Sounds like an interesting opportunity. If it isn't a slave labor role I don't see why it could be a bad thing unless you're already fast tracked with your current employer
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    @netikras I'm not asking anyone to make the decision for me, assuming that is kind of weird.
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    if they let you work remotely, and so does ur current company, just join them without leaving ur job,

    - u get two salaries
    - u dont lose the job you love until u r certain the new job males you happier

    - you will work a lot

    a friend of mine actually works with 3 companies. told each of them that she quit her previous jobs altho she didn't. works 18-20 hours a day but she gets 3 fat salaries.
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    @sleek This wouldn’t work here in Europe because of taxes and insurance. Also this sounds like an easy way to work yourself to death.
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    Developing cars that can go fast may have some fascinating aspects but it’s one of the things nobody needs and our planet would be better without it.
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    Ask for remote work, equipment and a car so you can do your best.
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