Fuck corporate managers who set goals without consulting the team as to what they can commit to!! "These are the goals that you need to commit to and you need to get them done in three months!" ... New team. Members come and go (even I replaced one). Low cohesion. Many dependencies. Unclear goals. A PO who's certified in many different ways, but has no damn idea what to do. Sure, let's get this shit thing done in 3 months.. aaaand we're late 6 months. Nice job. Stupid fuckers. I'm so glad I'm just consulting on this project and not a member of this chaos organization.

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    Yes those managers have attended so many guru workshops and training that they have transcended the world of us mortals. Where you see fellow pitiable humans, they see resources. They are all just playing Age of Empires and don't care if they lose resources (sacrificed, destroyed) as long as they win the campaign.
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    Honestly sounds like you replaced me, that sounds so much like my old job.
    If it’s any consolation my new one isn’t much better 😂
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