best :
- the work from my past company
- the salary from my current company

- the work from my current company
- the salary from my past company

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    It is a way of saying you shall not have everything
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    So I’m curious to know. In which situation are you happier?
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    Living a happy life:
    Left the job
    Started freelancing
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    @coldfire I don't get this argument. When you freelance and take on a job, you're still doing someone else's bidding. How does it empower you or give you more (work) freedom?

    NB: I freelance a little bit on the side
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    @webketje I think this image answers it perfectly. I freelancer can simply use their middle finger for this.
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    @black-kite i will come back to you on this after next 3 months
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    in general, one should validate every life decisions based on the centre of ikigai. i didn't got the centre but one if the interleaves, so you may get the idea that weather or not i am (or will be) happy
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    @coldfire what the fuck does dashing mean here?
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    @asgs I assume delivering food
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