we are living in a very fucked up society.

- the poor is fantasize the minimum wages nd life supplies( aka more money) . they work and becoms the minimum wage worker.

- the minimum wage worker fantasize a little more comfort, better lifestyle and therefore works to become an average earning worker.

- the average earning worker is mostly happy in present but worries about the future and wants to save, so fantasise an above average income and works hard to become an above average earner.

now here gets everything messed up. the above average worker is supposed to be the ultimate position where you are not really required to upgrade yourself( previous ones were a real necessity for existence). however a person cannot stop here :

1. resources gets depleted , people get greedy, life happens , or just any big firm go crazy and increases the price of their goods. you were filling your stomach whole day for $1? boom, you can't afford a single meal in $1. so the above avg person has to compete with inflation

2. government gets greedy the moment they see you as someone earning more than average. boom, income taxes, tax slabs, "pay for what we gave you when you were poor, bitch"- tax . its an unwanted monthly expense that you can't , much like the offerings old people would do to the village's goon.

3. tempting offers that shuts down the logical part of brain (or rather makes the part have orgasm).

- "dude , you wanna earn 250 bucks? buy 10 burgers worth 50 bucks each for 25bucks each, and you saved 250 bucks!" "but dude, i can have a whole meal for $2?" "but dude , you won't be saving anything" "🧐😐😶" (aka e commerce and other coupons/cashback companies)

- "dude, bet 1000 bucks on this 5 letter image. there is a good chance that other people will also bet their money on it and then your 1000 bucks worth of 5 petter image will be worth 1500 bucls" " but what if they doesn't? do i still get my 1000 bucls back" "nah , you get wjat the market price pf your share price is" (meanwhile someone whispering from the govt :" minus the capital gain tax") (aka shares and investment)

- "hey dude, the 1000 bucks you deposited with me for safekeeping, i am only going to give 2% interest per month from the previous 5% and will also add additional charges, therby giving you a 0$ profit." "WHY? " "because i can" (aka the banks)

so in short, the above avg person can see that in the long run, every service, every deal is going to cost him an approx 20-60% percentage of the income he would ideally be making , so he wants to earn more and more in order to have a good number in his savings for his initial tension of the future.

so from above average to ultra rich, everyone is just running to get a better deal , where oftentimes the other people involved in the deal are getting more than what our above avg guy is earning

plus after a time, these deals are no longer a pain for us, rather we start liking them because that was their goal from the start: to get people addicted to involved in complex cashback/cash delay/cash growth deals.

and this becomes the stereotype rich lifestyle : investing in shares, taking loans, giving taxes/trying to find loopholes in taxes by investing somewhere else, buying unnecessary stuff for the sake of offers and deals .

and in between this stereotype lifestyle (portreyed by everyone from above average to ultra rich), sone factors of boasting and showoff comes from peer pressure/osmosis and then we truly embrace this stereotype by buying extra costly stuff and showing it off.

remember, the original goal of the above average common man was just to fill their stomach both today and tomorrow. his crime? he worried about tomorrow too

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    Life is not about money but about taking opportunities, money is just a tool. Like computer, phone or hammer. If you use money to buy better clothes, cars, houses just to show off you will loose money. If you use it to buy better tools to catch better opportunities you won’t be able to spent what you earn.

    Another fact, when real investors are investing it’s because they stopped investing money on themselves and now are investing in other people cause they believe in them, believe that they use this money as a tool for success.

    Poor people want better lifestyle, rich people want better tools.
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    The problem you’re describing is problem of knowledge and awareness not problem of money. If you gain better knowledge you gain better job cause you can use better tools.

    But at the same time if you gain better knowledge you won’t vote for idiots or believe in stupid ideas cause you have more awareness about world so no politics want people to be smart.

    Education and medicine is monopolized by countries not to keep you educated and safe but to keep you stupid and dependent on them. That’s why over 50% people are poor, not because they’re idiots but because public education made them one. They are naive fools that believe in one god, public education that will get them good job and idiots talking stupid things in tv. That’s the problem.
    They also believe that country will protect them at all cost, but they don’t know they are the cost of protection.
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    @vane opportunities of what? That word means prettyuch all and nothing without a context
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    @vane what is the ultimate knowledge?

    do you think if 7.1 billion people on earth gets the knowledge of a PhD student, the definition of money , business and the concepts of "earn to live , and live to earn" will change?

    its a rat trapped in a wheel economy. and that wheel has been designed and improved over centuries, to keep you running meaninglessly without stopping to think about " why is there a need for me to run?"
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    @iiii opportunities of anything man, example you take dance classes and meat your future wife or become world best professional dancer, you never know what you good at before you try and to try you need to invest in yourself
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    @prodigy214 There is no ultimate knowledge, you’re born you live you die, that’s it, we’re just simple segments.

    Of course if you’re born rich you have easier life, but at only one second we’re all the same and the rest is just history in the book of life.

    I believe that everyone is good at something, most of us didn’t figured it out or stopped trying to do what they loved from multiple reasons. At some point it’s just easier to stop and start living simple life.

    Knowledge != education. That’s two different things, you can have phd and be idiot. You can have 0 education and build bittorrent protocol at high-school.
    Phd just means that you’re representing some general level so you can talk more openly on some more difficult problems and pass those problems to more people, it’s more like preservation of knowledge.

    Knowledge preservation is one of the biggest problems of our generation, it’s about live or die for this civilization and we underestimate it.
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