i swear to god, my year end journey is taking the best kick out of me.

its less than 48 hours left now and shits that have happened since now are :

1. my mom cancelled our home to destination tickets once out of fear of omicron and then i had to rebook. that's INR 15000 down the drain with 0 returns and additional INR 6000 of re booking ( the ticket had 5 of my relatives and my mom's ticket. they are now reaching the place by train only)

2. just yesterday i found out that the bag that we are supposed to take had its zips rusted and i got to get it replaced. i also bought an additional trolley bag and kinda showed mg miser mindset and bought a 2 wheel large trolley instead of 4 or 8 wheeler and now the second trolley is a bitch to be carried on.

3.on friday , i ran a little extra , got exhausted , didn't had much food since diet, then ran some more in evening , then umm.., <exercised> some more in night . guess what ? the night was the chilliest in india , and my body caught cold, my sinus kicked in and i was on the verge of catching a fever which any stupid airport staff would directly declare as "omicron-coivd positive" . i didn't though, but this all could still happen , since i have not fully recovered from a runny nose.

4. its 48 hours left and i have just now caught this worst hiccups because i had to eat rice while watching standup comedies on a bed in a shitty posture .

this period of shitty happenings is not coming to an end. i just want a break for damn's sake. just yesterday i was on the verge of a heart attack when our dear old santa claus pm came on the television and started announcing .that guy has been known to fuck the whole country in his sudden announcements but thankfully he or omicron hasn't affected my journey plans........ yet

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