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I got covid a couple of weeks before Christmas. Would have been considered a mild case as I didn’t need hospital treatment but felt really rough for about a week.

A month later I still have a cough, hardly any sense of taste or smell and exhaustion.

One day I think I’m fine and then I struggle with everything. It’s like having severe depression again.

I keep hearing about people having hardly any symptoms and being better in a couple of days. I am definitely envious of those people.

Covid sucks!!

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    zinc, vitamin d (5000 iu a day), and ivermectin if you can get it. Took me about a week to get over it last october.

    I still take these now and only ivermectin if I feel down.
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    I caught it in early Feb 2020, and it knocked me out for well over a month. Frustratingly, I still have symptoms.

    Lethargy, brain fog, mental fatigue, constant physical exhaustion (mostly cleared I think), exhaustion after mild exertion, etc. It never affected my sense of smell or taste, though.
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    @Root Do you listen to rap?
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    @Demolishun I’m taking zinc and vitamin D, might look at probiotics as well. I have a bit of a shit immune system.

    I’m in the uk, we don’t get to have any say in anything that requires a prescription.
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    @Root that’s crap, hope you find something that helps. I know there are lots of studies going into long covid. I suspect the stress of the last couple of years hasn’t helped anyone:
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    @Demolishun No. Rap is freaking awful. Yuck.

    @UnicornPoo I attribute almost all of it to stress (sickness, move, burnout, depression, being the sole income, etc.) and the after effects of finally escaping a lifetime of stress (abusive parents, asshole bosses, financial issues, finally moving out of a hellhole, etc).
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    @UnicornPoo For probiotics, look at yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, sima, probiotic cream cheese, and other delicious fermented things. You can make your own sourdough. And fermented oatmeal and sourdough pancakes! They're both absolutely amazing, and neither give you that awful heavy feeling that oatmeal and pancakes normally leave you with.
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    @Root Well then you haven't lost your sense of taste.
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    @Demolishun Oh, I see. It was all just a bad joke. I should have known.
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