ugh... laptops are like , crazy addictions.

1 year ago, my hp laptop was the best for me, building android studio apps , keeping daily backups of all my home's appliances comfortably in it, running games and various softwares . i would carry it anywhere without fearing of any damage thanks to heavy cases and keyboard covers.

till i started my first job who gave me an intel mac to work with.I got a revised definition of a laptop. laptops are not what i knew .

- a laptop is something which does not take 20+ minutes to build android apps and can build in 60 seconds too
- a laptop is something which does not need to have a shitty plastic body and can have a high quality metal body.
- a laptop is something which does not need to have a shitty screen and can have a really clear (but fragile /s) HQ screen.


- a laptop is something which does not necessarily gives you ports. /s

- a laptop is something which does not necessarily needs large storage to store your stuff. /s

- INR 60K (or half of my 1st year college fees) isn't apparently not enough for a laptop

- a laptop can cost TONS to get fixed /s


now , i did have learned all this and even after all the flaws , i feel like inclined towards buying a macbook. however coming from a typical lower class family from india , who DID break a laptop screen in 1 year, i am having some serious concerns buying a laptop , a 16 inch piece of aluminium for 300K (almost the cost of my four years of graduation)

but compared to that , i also have concerns buying any laptop above 100k because that's a lot of money , even though I could afford it. the whole point is, my non tech grocery seller parents worked too hard for very less money . i am in tech profile, i believe my work is not that much physically intensive, and i work half as hard as those guys , nd earn good yet spending SO MUCH feels like being an idiot

oh the headache :/

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    The question is why you would need to buy a private 300k laptop just because your employer gives you such a machine for work.

    My Linux laptop from 2020 is a nice octacore with 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD, 15.6", metal case - at about 100k. Since RAM and SSD are not soldered, proprietary gargabe, but standard parts, they didn't cost three or four times the usual market rate.
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    Wasting moneeeey, just saying. Buy whatever you want, It's your cash.

    But I'll be doing everything you're doing under 1k except I dont need an external dongle to do it
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    But why
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    @Linux Because every tank commander also has a private tank for the weekly shopping, didn't you know? ^^
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    My own laptop was ~130k INR at the time.

    And once the extended warranty ends I'll be upgrading the ram to 32GB from 16 and the ssd from 128GB to 1TB for about 21k INR.

    A few skrews and case clips are little effort and it's just a quick swap out.

    Not something you can do with a a MacBook for example. You pick the specs and you live with it, rather then swap out the parts you can cheap out on at purchase time and upgrade later when needed.

    My company laptop is in the 200k+ INR range, but I don't see any need for buying something that extravagant for personal use when the company one has a lower spec GPU anyway.
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    firstly, guys are you just converting the prices of your devices to INR? Because that's totally not how their prices are . inr stands at 75 for 1 dollar, but the price of this apple model that am planning to buy is $3000 in US and INR 310000 in Indian currency


    try multiplying the us prices by 105 or 110 for exact values
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    1 my company guves me a decent apple mbp m1 with 256gb ssd nd 8gb ram. that currently builda my company code in 8-10 minutes which is a masive upgrade from my previous company provided intel laptop (same specs just intel i5 9th gen macbook) which built in 20 minutes , which is a massive upgrade from my personal current ho laptop that takes 35 to 40 minutes on windows/liniz

    so one reason is to buy better hardware for faster speeds

    2. company added jamf in laptops , so my plan is to just keep the office laptop back in the box and use my personal laptop for work/personal stuff. sounds stupid but i haven't figured out a way to context switch without loosing focus and start doing totally random stuff. am too indisciplined :(
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    @Fast-Nop moreover about that intel macbook, i broke a part of screen ( due to a freaking laptop cover! i might have a rant of it somewhere, will link if you'd like) i totally screwed that situation but company was grateful to not charge me for it. so that kinda adds in my decision to put it in box back
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    @C0D4 this. so so much of this.

    my hp laptop had 1 tb hdd and i57th gen processor. in about 2 years of buying , i was having battery issues and screen fluctuations. turns out that hdd was causing the hangs and laptop battery was swelling like a pumpkin

    just switched it with the original battery , moved hdd to optical drive case and added a 255 gb samsung ssd , and this boy was again running on steroids! and all under 10000 rs or say 100 bucks

    but 2 more years down the line and i find the fluctuations agains. the battery must have gone bloating again and this is where i find the non apple world as distrubing.

    there are so many options to upgrade a laptop and make it new, but those upgrades still not give enough worthy experience. swap hdds with ssd, 8gb rama with 16gb. replace a cracked screen with brand new screen. but its still not good enough :/
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    I have a sick ass ThinkPad from work
    I have a 10 year old ThinkPad privately

    I have not bought a laptop since 2008
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    @prodigy214 I did, I can go back to USD if that makes more sense for conversion if needed.

    I don't use the battery, so the < 50 min I get out of it when I do use it is plenty, I didn't buy it to be portable, just smaller then a PC and to be upgradable able when the time came.

    I keep my laptops until they die and no longer salvageable with spare parts.
    My last laptop had everything besides the motherboard and screen replaced at least once, I think I repurchased the laptop in value just with the shitty keyboards alone 😢

    Laptop: $1900 USD
    Upgrades: $290 USD
    - Ram / SSD
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