For a moment I thought I was living in a crazy world..

Then I realised I was..



So.. let me get this right, a huge digital library of text, can only let one person at a time, look at a copy they have..

I can't for the moment, think of a more absurd thing !

I mean..

"You are number 1,392,293,943 in queue to read the book you have requested, estimated time for delivery is 134 years, 3 months, and 4 days, do you wish to continue waiting ?"

It's going back to the old days, when I'd order a book at the library, and wait 2 years to get to read it..

Your kidding me right !

No, I think this is real, and I guess one of the conditions for it being available online..

I did ponder this kind of crazy idea myself a few years ago, but everyone else said it would never work..

But I had in mind to have more than just one copy available for folk to view..

I mean, if you own 10 physical books, you can lend them out to 10 different people at once.

So, if you have 10 physical books, and one digital scan, then you should be able to lend out 10 digital scans at once right ?

That was the idea..

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    Buy books you need. Your ability to get printed books, and possibly the ability to read digital versions maybe be compromised at some point. Free speech is nearly gone online, at least in big social media platforms. I saw they were censoring someone referencing content from 1984. Let that sink in.
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    Pirate them. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    They’re available for free online anyway, right?
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    This has to do with the digital rights granted to the library by the book publishers. The publishers seek to restrict electronic access so it doesn’t dilute the revenue from physical book sales.
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    Reserve one for your grandchild...

    It's their work they can do with it what they want. But it but please refrain as much as possible from print
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    @hjk101 Why would I ever think about refraining from buying printed material?

    We’re not in space. A printed book with its abysmal data-to-weight ratio isn’t a luxury. Though reading a book, especially hardcover, is absolutely luxurious.
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    @Root now in 80K! Congrats!
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    Because I'm one of them environmental hippies. The amount of paper, ink (and space) we waste is not worth it imo.
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    @hjk101 Your contributions are absolutely negligible. If half the world followed what you want, the result would still be negligible.

    The only real noticeable impact would come by convincing China and various large companies to change. Good luck with those.
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    @Root thanks! I'll need it
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    @Demolishun Ideally I prefer PDF versions I can pay for and download, and view on any device I feel like. ( That has a PDF reader.. )

    Ideally I'd like plain ASCII files. :-)
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    @Demolishun The chocolate ration has gone up...
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    @Nanos the ideal format would be HTML!
    Adapting to your screen size and any font or font size that you want!
    Also support for dark theme.
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