I've ditched Python for Julia for scientific computing. Documentation is definitely not as great but I find it so much more convenient.

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    Python is the greatest language ever!!!


    Good for you! There's a ton of languages out there that are better than the mainstream ones.

    I wish more of us would use them because it's getting a little stale in here and I'm worried that the next decade or two is going to be hard to find work for the prices we're being paid now.

    If everyone can develop in "python", then nobody will have the bargaining power to achieve six figure salaries.
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    @sariel python is easy. Knowing all the necessary libraries commonly used, is not.

    Knowing multiple languages, like js, to interface between backend and frontend, is also something many people dont do.
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    @Wisecrack I don't agree with that. I would say js(specifically typescript) is one of the mainstream languages that are stagnating the developer pool.

    I know plenty of devs that use js daily in conjunction with python.

    I personally cannot stand either of them. Sure they're fast, but the code is always so "dirty" when you're done with it.

    Dirty in comparison to languages/syntax I use daily like; Ruby, Crystal, PHP, vanilla JS, BASH. I would almost rather go back to Java/w NetBeans than do anything in node anymore. Yes, I hate it THAT much.
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    As long as you stay the fuck away from MATLAB, any choice is a good one.
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