ugh... another shitty day. its been 2 months since i joined this team , and i am counting the days that have not gone being shitty.
i am not doing any shit of a work, yet just sitting in front of company code and slack whole day, trying to figure out what am supposed to do and how.

- my task is currently making release of a unity sdk. i never worked on unity until 2 days ago when i gor this task.
- company laptop has a fuckin jamf with unity 2019 that won't even open properly. i raised a ticket to IT and somehow got it to update and work for my laptop after 2 days.

- now i am able to create a default project and get it to run, but now the company sdk that is supposed to be installed in a project causes the project to not build when i include it.

- other team members are being assholes. i message this guy 4 times in 10 minutes since i have no clue what to do, and this asshole replies after 6 hours, when i am having my lunch. and his reply ? "try to play around this . am working on a p1 bug so can't help now" wtf man give me something, i am stuck

- there are also issues raised on our github's page for sdk. i have no clue how our sdk works internally and yet i am expected to respond to these issues. i asked the same asshole to look onto an issue(whose reporter was nice enough to include a full stack trace and even the exact place which is causing ANR and his reply was "yeah check on this , ask the other(asshole) guy about it, he fixed ANRs before. look into the sdk, we don't need to reply on GitHub issues asap".

- the main problem here is : i have zero clue how to approach this sdk! i have implemented it completely in a sample project but the whole sdk is in java with so so many pointless (from my p.o.v) interfaces and base classes that i can't understand how to get to the bottom of it! and yet am supposed to jump into this stuff.

i hate when code feels like magic and job feels like prison janitor work. i want to get into action : add apis , build stuff , make a change , but somehow i ended up with the most boring and irritating job i could find.

i can't even just stop and work on my personal stuff because they have got jamf on this fucking laptop. us these async expectations are killing me

btw did i mention the tech lead has been having a fantastic time getting married and taking multiple vacations? yeah, that guy just took a call with me for like 3 times in last 50 days. this company is all so charming from outside : weekends off, 1/4 fridays off 3 days a week standup , but so less interactions is clearly making me , a new guy with already a very less interest in java and their various shitty sdks, very uncomfortable.

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    @floydimus bhot bekaar jaa rhi hai ye waali company , i feel logistics waali me zyada maze krta :/
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    @prodigy214 ye tera account hai?

    Fuck! Buri lag gayi teri.

    I had heard good things about them. Not sure why it turned out to be so shitty.
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