I think I've had an account there for 10 years now, and now, every couple of weeks it seems, I get an email from them saying:

"Soon your profile will stop being shown"

So I have to log in, spot that there is no one within 500 miles of me, still, and log out again..

Why make folk log in unnecessarily, its really annoying !

I didn't make all these accounts all over the place, so I would have to register again if I need them, no I just want them to sit ready in case I do.

So, stop closing accounts just because someone is in hospital, prison, travelling the world in 80 days, etc.

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    It's called user engagement and it's fucking classy! /s
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    It reminds me of:


    > Does Anyone Want Any Toast? | Red Dwarf
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    This is so shitty tactics

    Fuck them.
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    One of the worst was a decent email to SMS service, if you didn't send an SMS for 6 months, they would close your account !

    And this was a paid for account..

    Another company, PAYG phone, if you don't use it for 12 months, they close your account !

    How are you supposed to have a backup phone if the backup phone doesn't work when you need it !
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