Tech department wants me to work on cool, innovative stuff for the company. Marketing Director doesn't think anything tech-related is worth my time or cost to company. I'm just here stagnating, building HTML templates over and over again. This guy is holding me back, not letting me develop and at the same time help the company move forward technologically.

I've been complaining about shit hosting provider for over two years now, the other day they went down for days and affects business. Only now they wake up and decide on better hosting environment.

I need to find another job or do my own thing. Fuck corporates with no sense of technological innovation.

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    Never understand why people sink in their own waters, dragging people and companies down with their ignorance, you deserve better.
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    Yeah I just switched company over much the same problematic. Company was actually just begining to improve on this point but Im sure as hell not gonna wait 5 more years before it actually makes a difference

    If you are still excited about new technology and personal improvement you should chase after a workplace where you are allowed to do those things. Contentment with your workplace where you spend most of your time improves your whole life
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    Yeah its a wormhole 🪱, I've been there and actually on the second time I said I will try lets see, big nono life quality was also coming down because of this. When I departed from there I was so happy like I got unleashed from a prison or something.
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    Two years of this garbage!? It's quittin' time my friend!
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    @urRU THanks. He was even telling me where to put a Google Analytics tracking code, like I didn't know...
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