What the fuck are some people doing at this line of work.. Our former product owner, half a year later, creates a high priority bug ticket of a faulty user flow WHEN HE WAS WITH THE TEAM MAKING THE SPECS FOR THIS FUCKING FEATURE! YOU FUCKING NUMBSKULL DIMWITTED CUNT! THIS IS NOT A BUG IT IS AS YOU FUCKING MORONS WANTED IT! SO FUCKING PISSED AT READING TICKETS LIKE THIS BY MORONS LIKE THIS!

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    Close it as an duplicate eith the reference on the feature ticket.
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    @stop this is the way
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    Job security at its finest.
    Here is the flow:
    1. Create a stupid ass spec that makes no sense.
    2. Sit with the devs/UX and pretend to listen to their input while drawing butterflya and penises in a a piece of paper.
    3. Keep ignoring Dev/Qa saying this.makes no sense.
    4. weeks later, big boss comes along and says - this makes no sense. change it!
    5. Cue panic, and past delivery date change requests.
    6. Blame Dev/Qa/UX.
    7. Repeat.
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    i was just told to revert yet another change to the way it was. funny part? the person who told me "it should be this way" is who helped with the config/code to change it in the first place.
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    "Closed. Working as designed (by you)"
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    Make a counter ticket explaining exactly this, append this ticket onto the original ticket.
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    You MONSTER!

    Actually.. Do you happen to teach management somewhere?
    You appear to be a natural.
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